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Most businesses lose millions of dollars Every year because of misleading (& Outdated) marketing advice.

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Seth Goding

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Seth Godin

Author of This Is Marketing

3 Steps To Put This Epic Newsletter In Practise...

Notes- Content Marketing Newsletter


Read And Take Notes

Get a notebook and rename it to “Content Marketing Newsletter NoteBook”.

Read(Listen/Watch) the resources we have sent and jot down all important topics you can use in your business.

Implement it- Content Marketing Newsletter


Find A Opportunity To Implement

Now choose the three things from notes you can apply in your business right now.  Just three.

Find opportunities to implement it . And just implement it.



Achieve Growth

Track it, tweak it and measure it, if that’s not working for your business eliminate it, if it is  then scale it and watch your business grow.

Rinse & Repeat! 

Why this newsletter is so important for content marketers?

We have a serious problem, we’re wasting money on misleading marketing advice. 

Most businesses lose billions of dollars on marketing every single year because of the misleading marketing advice they get from internet strangers.

99% advice you see online are spams. and we call it spam of the internet

Top 5% people knows.

But it’s not your fault, they trick you to believe and follow what they say, and that’s where this newsletter comes.

Our mission: is to save you from endless struggle, anxiety, depression by cutting down the crap, broken, outdated marketing advice that doesn’t work and forward you the world’s best marketing advice for FREE… Every Single Week.

Wait, before you go

Be the world's top 5% marketer.

Say a BIG NO to misleading (and outdated) marketing advice that doesn’t work.

No B.S., no spam. It's free and always will be!